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There is a wide range of ceiling types available today – from acoustic mineral fibre tiles, plaster vinyl tiles, suspended acoustic grid ceilings, flush plasterboard ceilings. Ceilings can be suspended below an fixed structure, or materials can be faced directly onto an existing ceiling.

A suspended ceiling has the added advantage of carrying a wide range of cabling and utilities – data, power cables, aircon and fire services etc, out of site, but accessible for servicing. This avoids using up valuable space floor space below.


A new ceiling can provide a fast fix and a serious face lift to a tired office with the use of acoustic mineral fibre tiles.

An acoustic grid ceiling can accommodate a range of facilities such as lighting , heating, air con and ventilation units; whilst vinyl tiles will give a smart, clean finish to areas where cleanliness and a dust free, bacteria free environment needs to be maintained. A ceiling can also be a very effective insulation to maintain a good working temperature, along with sound proofing and acoustic balance.

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