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Where you are undertaking a refurbishment or new build project, it can be a daunting task. There is a vast array of decisions and choices to be made – from partitions, ceilings, mezzanines, electrics and IT systems, access and security issues, lighting, furniture, storage solutions etc. And each market sector has its own specific needs:

total solutions

If you’re in the education sector, a new build or refurbishment will most likely need to be carried out in the holiday period, and specialist furnishings and IT systems will need to be considered. For the office and commercial sector, functionality and speed of fit out are probably going to be important to you. For an industrial situation, where process and manufacturing plant may be in operation, the work may well need to be carried out during down-time. And for the retail sector, any refitting will most likely need to be done overnight. A refurbishment or new build project for a storage or warehousing company may well require custom designed storage solutions, where racking, benching or mobile shelving all need to be planned and constructed off site to minimise as much as possible, time taken to carry out the re-fit work.

At Systematic Interiors, we are specialists in handling the whole project from the very first stage, which usually involves planning and design input, building and planning regulations, construction, fit-out, build work and decoration, right through to hand-over and any snagging that’s needed.

We can also undertake regular maintenance work on an on-going basis, to ensure your premises are working to their maximum potential and we pride ourselves, in our track record of over 30 years in the industry, with numerous testimonials from satisfied clients, to prove our expertise in creating working interiors – that really work!

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